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Classes, Courses, and Appointments open for booking are listed below. Bookings close 12 hours prior to start time.

  • Intro to Gun Safety, Rifles, Pistols and Shotguns.

    60 US dollars
  • Class: 9a-1p | Range: 2p-4p Qualifies for VA Concealed Carry Permit

    150 US dollars
  • Private Range Session - $145 2 Hrs, 2 Participants +$25/ Extra Person

    145 US dollars
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Handgun and  Ammunition


TDS Intro Safety Class - $60

NRA Basic Rifle Course - $175

Rifle Sight-In Service - $75

Many hunters, recreational and competitive shooters started with a rifle. With so many solid and reliable platforms to choose from with varying capabilities and uses, we'll get you the experience and knowledge you need. Click below for more info.


TDS Intro Safety Class - $60
TDS Concealed Carry Course - $150

NRA Basic Pistol Course - $175

Our pistol classes have been a great fit for our students looking to learn and get comfortable with a handgun. Want your concealed carry permit? We got you covered with an all inclusive deal unmatched ANYWHERE! Click below for more info.


TDS Intro Safety Class - $60
Defensive Shotgun Course - $150
TDS Trap Course - Coming Soon

A shotgun and clay targets can lead to a very fun addiction! Shotguns are also excellent choices for home defense. Get started with a basic class or get some 1 on 1 help for your next tournament. Click below for more info.



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