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You're all set for your 1-on-1! 

We'll meet at the burger king addressed below 10 minutes before your session time. Quick meet and greet before heading to the range a few minutes away, and small but important detail, there are no restrooms there so Burger King serves as your restroom break as well.

Make sure to wear sturdy, full covering shoes that you don't mind getting a little dirty or a little wet. Hiking boots are an excellent choice. Don't worry, you won't be standing in puddles, but the grass could have some dew or there could be some light rain. If there's heavy rain, we'll re-schedule but we'll work under tent cover if there's light or intermittent rain/drizzle.

We always suggest long pants and tick repellent. We're not far from Richmond, but we are in the country. A hat is always good to keep the flies away and please no low cut or V-neck shirts. Hot brass and skin doesn't mix well.


If you have eye and ear protection, please bring it. If not, we'll provide you with some. 

Due to the Covid situation, please ensure you have a mask. If you don't, we can provide one to you for a $5.00 fee.


As listed, 1 on 1's are $50/hr. Cash, Credit/Debit and CashApp accepted. Please be aware there is a 3% fee for using a Credit/Debit card.


If you have any further questions, send a text, email or call. 


Thanks Again! See you Soon!


Address: 10142 Kings Dominion Blvd, Doswell, VA 23047 (Click 'Directions' and save!)


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