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Becoming a gun owner happens many different ways, for different people. Our mission is to take you from where you are and get you to where you want and need to be. The experience in the classroom and on the range is key in having a safe and enjoyable introduction to firearms and maximizes the benefit of gaining knowledge and training.

We are committed to providing you with an exceptional experience and be your first stop in gaining the skills and confidence you need as a gun owner, plinkster, competition shooter, hunter and protector of self and family.


TDS was born on November 15, 2010 through the ThatDudeSirraj Youtube channel. The channel quickly morphed from simple entertainment to reviews, commentary and education on firearms, ammunition, gear and shooting activities under the popular RangeTalk series. That process was enhanced with the acquisition of firearm instructor and shooting coach training credentials in Rifle, Pistol and Shotgun disciplines. In 2014 TDS formed the Blue Eagles Shotgun Team(#TeamBlueEagles / @BlueEaglesRVA) out of a passion for working with youth as well as the need to educate our youth in firearm safety and getting more youth involved in the shooting sports. In 2015 TDS co-founded the umbrella organization TAASAR Group Inc and in 2016 TAASAR was approved as a 501c3 youth development non-profit with the Blue Eagles Shotgun Team and Stormin' Arrows Archery program groups in full operation. With the continuous rise of new gun owners, TDS found it to be an important step to not only focus on youth training but adult training and education as well. In 2019, the TDS Training & Education business was created to provide the services and facilities needed to support the continuous training required to maintain safe and responsible firearm ownership in America.

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