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  • Requesting a class vs Booking a class?
    Any class or course can be requested. If you don't see the class that you want or need a special time frame like a weekend morning for instance... request it. If enough people request a similar time or want a similar circumstance, like an all womens class... we'll do our best to accomodate and notify you when we put it on the schedule so you can 'Book Now' and reserve your seat. Booking a class is reserving your seat to a class that IS on the schedule. The Calendar and Class List is under the 'Book Now' tab. Once you complete your booking there, you're all set!
  • Difference between a class and a course?
    A class is done in one day, in one time slot and generally will be in the classroom. A course will generally have a classroom segment and a range segment, either on the same day or across multiple days.
  • Is TDS Training & Education a gun range?
    No. We are a training company. Our classroom is our primary teaching enviroment and we utilize private outdoor shooting areas for practical exercises for the live fire portions of our courses and range sessions. Our range sessions are specifically for students that have previously taken a safety class either standalone or as part of a course or closed group session.
  • Can I take a class or course if I don't own a firearm?
    Yes. We actually recommend you take a class or course prior to purchasing a firearm so you can shop with a better understanding of what's right for YOU. We provide rifles, pistols and shotguns in ALL of our classes and courses. We also include ammunition in certain courses like our Concealed Carry Course to get you started. Our business is built with the new shooter in mind. If all you bring is YOU to one of our classes... we'll make sure that's enough and you leave confident and ready for your next step!
  • How do I pay?
    Cash, Card, CashApp We've recently moved away from deposits to stream line our service to you. Once you're in the course, that's it. No time is wasted during or after class. All payments are paid with a Credit/Debit Card at the time of Booking. When available, gear or merchandise may be purchased in person with Cash, Card or CashApp. Please note, In-Person Card payments will incur a $1.50 processing fee.
  • Can TDS do a class at my home with my family?
    Yes. Fill out a request and enter as many details as you can for what you'd like your family to be educated on as well as the ages of any children that would be involved. We'll reach out and coordinate a date and time.
  • Can I bring ammunition to use with TDS loaner guns?
    Sure, but only to the range. NO live ammunition is allowed in the classroom. Factory ammo only, standard pressures(we'll cover that in class if you're unsure). Pistol: .22LR, .38Spl, 9mm Rifle: .22LR, .17HMR, .223 Shotgun: 20ga, 12ga
  • I took the TDS Pistol Safety Class and now want a concealed carry...
    No problem! Book a TDS Concealed Carry Course and we'll discount the cost 10%!
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