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Don't Try To Get Gas AFTER Running Out!

COVID-19 has again reminded me that too many people REACT to change instead of PREPARING for change...

OK let's start off being Thankful that...

...we're not in a full on 2nd Civil War. And hopefully will never get there. Let's hope we don't get to the systematic breakdown we saw after Katrina. Let's hope. But the rise of COVID-19 has shown me that many people do not live prepared, but are rather reactionary to economic hits and downturns. There is a number of reasons for this, I get it. But it's hard to ignore the patterned calls, texts and app messages that can be loosely summarized to "Hey things are getting a little crazy, do you have any guns you can sell me?" or "What kind of gun do you think I should buy?" No, you can't buy any of my guns. Good, we've cleared that up. Now, what kind of gun you should buy depends on a myriad of considerations and I'd like to be as thorough as possible. Don't get me wrong, I love diving into these discussions and will take the time to do so but I take issue with the timing of these "knowledge requests". Having a gun, and owning a gun is only part of the plan, but for some it seems to be the whole plan which means there hasn't been much thought in the way of training. The last thing anyone wants is a person that puts themselves and their loved ones MORE in danger because of a lack of training. Training, my friends, should start BEFORE you buy the gun. BEFORE, you touch the gun. BEFORE, you shoot the gun. And definitely BEFORE, threats that have always existed become real problems you need to address now... No, right now. Right at the moment, you felt safe. Right at the moment, your body gets a power-plant-like surge of adrenaline. Right at the moment, your heart races and you lose your fine motor skills. Right at the moment, your brain needs to rely on familiar processes and muscle memory to get you moving and doing the things that need to be done to handle the threat standing between you and that 9th Cloud you had become so comfortable on. Lazy even. Fight or flight is kicking in and you have no idea where this road leads. Of do you? Don't be reactionary when times get troubled. Prepare when times are calm, Plan when your days are normal. Practice and train BEFORE you have to leave it all on the field. And remember... One, you can't have my guns. Two, guns and ammo dry up quickly whenever anything threatens the economy. Three, toilet paper is apparently as important as food and firearms... #whoduhthunkit? "Don't let your car run out of gas." "If you stay ready, you never have to get ready." "Failing to prepare is preparing to fail." "Your safety is your responsibility." I started TDS Training and Education because I have a passion for educating people about firearms, safety and negligence prevention. I'm thorough, involved and engaged because I want you to have the best so you can be your best. We're all in this together... ~TDS~

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