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TDS Training VLOG #1 - Areas of Improvement

The pistols, bolt actions and shotguns have gotten most of my attention lately. Really needed to get back on the AR. Going to be making some changes but until then need to start back on working on the deficiencies. It’s ok to slow down and self analyze, especially when a particular firearm has been out of rotation for a while. Ammo shortage is contributing a lot to this for many of us. Do the best you can.

I spent some time doing left to right shoulder transitions, maintaining my left handed grip on the trigger. It’s a quick and useful maneuver when switching from one side of cover to the other, but when practicing it initially, take your time and feel it through then gradually pick up the pace. The maneuver is easier with a single point sling but can still be executed with a two point sling.

Be Safe n’ Happy Shootin’!!

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